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Konica Minolta Z-up 70 super


Konica's Z-up 70 Super is a 35mm compact camera with built-in flash, motor wind and automatic exposure, made in Japan from c.1999. The Konica lens zooms from 35-70mm, operated by a rotating switch at the back of the top, next to the right thumb. When switched off, the lens retracts fully into the body and is shuttered. A small LCD display in the top displays settings and frame number. A mode button moves a pointer along icons for red-eye, flash always, self-timer, night-fill-in flash, no flash, +1.5 stop exposure and infinity focus (mountain). It was the cheapest of the Z-up models, others having longer zoom ranges.

The camera appears to have the same specification as the Konica Z-up 70 VP, but the two cameras have different styling.

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